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Bringing Hope & Awareness To Mental Health 

Red House of Hope is a non-profit 501C located in Dunn County Wisconsin, serving the Chippewa Valley and beyond. We are excited to have a team that is collaborating and supporting other community programs as we bring back hope to those that have experienced loss and hardship due to struggles with mental health, addiction and poverty.


Red House of Hope is moving forward with our vision of expansion as we work towards purchasing a retreat center.  As our vision prospers, we will offer community events, workshops and retreats that will provide awareness and renewed hope to our community.

Christian Mental Health Services

  • Mentorship

  • Community Resources & Connections

  • Events

  • Retreats

Red House of Hope Mentoring

Our Mental Health Services

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Mental Health & Addiction

Red House of Hope_ World HarvestWomen's Friendship encounters

Community Wellbeing 



"Hope Runs

"Hey dear sons and dear daughters 

Come and lend me an ear

These are words from the Father

That He needs you all to hear

He loves you and wants you to know

You are never alone."

In memory of Josh Talford: Lyrics by Kathy Talford. Music by Cat Morgan and Michael Rambo

Therapy Session





Hope Runs RedKathy Talford (Music by Kat Morgan and Michael Rambo
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